Season 2 of the “Creative Distribution 101” podcast is back featuring acclaimed filmmakers and experts. This episode with Caitlin Boyle is a must-listen!

Caitlin is the new Director of Industry and Education at DOC NYC, North America’s largest documentary festival. Before that, she founded and spent a decade at the helm of Film Sprout, now acquired by Picture Motion, a grassroots distribution and audience engagement firm which paved the way for a lot of the campaigns we see today. She has worked on so many award-winning and impactful documentaries such as, The Invisible War, Vessel, The Hunting Ground, Fed Up, Where to Invade Next, Unrest, Whose Streets? And Trapped.

In this episode, she breaks down impact distribution, which she helped pioneer, and how filmmakers can create successful campaigns to get their films seen while making a sustainable living. Check out the episode below and let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter (@norapoggi) !


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Show Excerpts:

“If you want to have control and ownership you might have to do a lot of the work yourself or delegate that work to others”.

“In the 2010s filmmakers were beginning to say there isn’t a distributor out there who will do what i want. The worst outcome is to put your time and expertise into a piece of work that doesn’t get seen.”

“Projects, where the filmmakers were able to clearly articulated their goals, have been the most exciting. Ideas are fairly easy to come by, execution is the hard part, operationalizing the steps that get you to that vision and reshaping the vision.”

“There needs to be a constant interplay between the goals and the steps to get to the goals.”

“When you have an emergent legislative situation you have a really good framework for film distribution because it happens in a super localized way with partners, stakeholders, NGOs, etc who are hyper-involved in that legislation and in that issue. Grassroots distribution works at that local level.”